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  • Hi Shirley, nice to hear from you. Have you introduced yourself yet on the forum? There are a great bunch of people here who will be happy to have a chat. Have a look at Come for Tea, and Cheese and Whine. I've just noticed you have posted on your own profile, you have to go to the main forum page and post a new thread for everyone to see it. Once you have done that you will meet lots of great people. Good luck and take care. Mairi :)
    Hi Shirley, I saw your post on another thread so came to see your profile. The reason you haven't had any responses is because you posted on your own profile... no one else can see that unless they visit your profile, like I have done. You have to post a new thread on one of the message boards for others to see. I know it's confusing at the beginning! I have ALS, but Lewis Sumner was in my differential diagnoses for a long time because my grandfather has CIDP and my symptoms were all on the right side. Welcome to the forum... hope you can connect to others who have your disease and get more support and info! ~ Sarah :D
    Hi Folks,I'm very new to all of this and not even sure I'm looking in the right place but looking for some info/insight into my recent diagnosis. After nearly 5yrs of symptoms,numerous neurological tests(all of which were deemed as inconclusive) I was seen by a different neurologist who very quickly confirmed Lewis Sumner. I've been told I'm to have IVIG treatment but the waiting list is lengthy. I have no idea what lies ahead and just wondered if there's anyone who might be able to enlighten me!
    Kind Regards
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