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  • Hi! I dont check this page much. Have wondered about you lately too. Do you know about the MDA ALS support group in Tulsa. Its the second thursday of every month 6:30-8pm at the center for individuals with phyisical challenges. Hope to see you there some time. Also email me... I left my email address in a previous message. Our family is hanging in there. Kids have been out of town with their grandparents enjoying a break from reality. I could use a little vacation about now. Als sucks! I wish i could make it all better for everyone. Tired of seeing him suffer. Im learning to let go of control and trust God. Its very hard. Hope to hear from you soon! :)
    Hello Shelby , hope you are doing fine! I´m around your age, having ALS symptoms. So if you need someone in ur age to talk about ur fears, I will be there for you- best wishes and I hope to hear from you!
    Hello! Just wondering how you are doing! Hope you are staying positive and strong! Hope to get an email from you soon. Would like to get to know you better. A group of friends are coming over january 26th. Would like it if your family could come. Email me. :)
    Hello Shelby, I was diagnosed 4 years ago and was progressing. Basically to shut my mother up I went to a holistic doctor who has been treating me ever since. I have had absolutely no progression since I began seeing him. My neurologist who is the head of the local ALS Center has no idea of what is causing this. If you would like any information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Hi , I'm so sorry, als is such a crappy shock, and so out of left field, I too was in my 20's. I was 28 when it started and 2 years out of uni for nursing. There's always hope, I have no kids but I'm aiming to outlive my 2 cats. I'm 2 yrs in and still walking , talking well, eating well , and lungs are stable at 75%. and do 90% of things myself. Statistics aren't always right :)
    We try to laugh everyday. Its so important not to take life too seriously. I like the gangster walk. Lol. My husbands walk right now is more like a tip toe. My 7 year old say," dadys walking on his tiny feet. Cause he's slower. Our church is International Gospel Center 555 S Memorial Dr. Tulsa. sundays at 10 am and wednesdays at 7 pm. My husband and i are both on their leadership team. Its the best church in the world i think.they will love and accept you just as you are and you will find a true family! I dont know where i'd be without my church family. They believe in miracles and wont let us be discouraged. They always lift us up when we feel weak. Their support has been so amazing! Also we host a small group in our home once a month for young adults. You may enjoy the fellowship. Can i get your email address to give you more details? Im so glad we have connected on this forum. I so need to know someone who really knows what our family is going through right now.
    Hello, Shelby. I am so sorry to have to meet you this way. But i am so glad i have found you! We live very near each other. I am a young mom. My husband was diagnosed Dec of 2012. I hope i can be some encouragment to you. You are not alone. Do you have any questions? Do you just need support? I am here for you. Would love to get to know you. Tell me about our journey. God bless you.
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