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  • I had the same symptoms where my pinky and ring finger close in together. I cannot lift my ring finger on my dominant hand without the pinky moving with it producing a claw like effect. I would like to know if you found out anything?
    Goodluck to you, Shaun. Write to me when you feel the need. I wish you the best.
    That EMG shouldn't worry you in the least. It appears that a couple of muscles might have some instability because they are in the process of healing (I say they are healing, given your history and the story you have shared with me). No other muscle is denervating (evident by the PSW's and fibs being absent in all muscle needled) or has been denervated and subsequently reinnervated in the past (evident by the normal amplitude in all muscles needled). Your neuro did a VERY thorugh EMG, so I don't think he/she missed a thing. Bottom line: that is not the EMG of someone with ALS . . . it's not even close. Let me know if you need any further clarification.
    All is fine, Shaun. You're new to the forum, so it's understandable. If you go to the top left of the page, click on "User CP" and then click on "Pictures and Albums" It's there that you can attach any type of file you'd like (e.g. a scanned EMG report or you can simply transcribe the results).
    Hello again Shaun. I'd like to see the original EMG results and the impression of the neuro. What you can do is post it on your profile and designate your profile as private so no one other than your "friends" can see it (that is, if you want no one else to see it). To answer a couple of your questions: No, anxiety will not cause an EMG to show denervation. No, you shouldn't schedule yourself for another EMG. I can expand a bit more when I see the EMG. For now, I'll let you know that it doesn't sound a thing like ALS to me (or any other type of MND). Hang in there.
    Hi Shaun. I'd have to see your EMG results to give you any type of insight and to know you're history.
    Hey man...you sound like me somewhat on here.. please read mine and tell me what you think overall??? I just got a call from my GP with blood results, all were normal..red/ white blood cells, kidney, liver, and x ray was negative. I am still waiting for the TSH thyroid and B12 to come in though...I have an appointment wit ha nuero on Jan 24th...trying to find one sooner also..Also, this morning my chest starting twitching/ spasaming again a little. Can you tell me what weakness is in ALS I mean I can jump stairs, run up them, and walk good...even lifting some light weights. Overall I feel tight and fatigued possible from all this..thanks for response..
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