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  • Hi Shane...I did not want to post the draft letter, rather folks should let me know they are interested and than I will send to them. I felt uncomfortable posting letters that others had written....
    Hey man thanks for checking in...I'm gettin closer and closer to the end. My hospice doctor told me I can take as much morphine as I wanted. Been having respiratory failure...but living through it. How's things for you ?

    Shane the Pain
    Hello I hope things are going well in your world today. Just wanted to drop a line and say HI.
    Hi Shane,
    I take for my peg Osmolite 1.5 and it has 355 cal. per 4 oz can.The VA ships them to the front door and pays for all.I take 5 cans a day and it was the VA that told me to take it based on blood work and other testing,I weigh 180 and am 67,have maintained my weight which is my goal.before I went the VA route I was on Isosure 1.5,both are very good,no upset tummy.Good luck-------Ken
    Gees, I cant believe we are not official friends yet!! Glad to see you on here hun. I havent been on much because my daughter has been so dang sick. Please keep me posted on how you are doing, and know that just because I am not on much doesnt mean that I am not thinking about cha!! Love ya!! Kari
    My best answer is that its a baby step in the right direction. I would do it again. Sorry for taking so long to respond....Shane
    Shane I was reading one of the Threads you posted about going to Mexico for treatments how did it turn out? Do you think it is going to be successful? Thank you Debra
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