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  • Not such a great day. Found out my great nephew who is 3 has leukemia. He was sick for 10 days and my niece brought him in 2 times to the ER. They sent him home twice. Yesterday they admitted him, luckily it's the treatable type. He's such a sweet, loving boy. Breaks my heart.
    Did you find a neuro?
    Again, Please don't worry. Taking care of kids in the best circumstances is stressful enough. Stay off the internet because that will only increase your anxiety.
    You'll be in my prayers.
    Please say you are not on here reading more stuff that is going to increase your anxiety....??? Hmmm??? I'll be on Facebook tomorrow if you want to talk:)
    The best thing to do in this situation is to ask someone that you trust -- someone that you know will give you a straight answer if you ask for it -- whether your speech sounds funny to them. I don't have any personal experience with bulbar symptoms myself (one blessing to be thankful for), but the people that I trust on the subject say that the earliest symptoms of bulbar ALS are slurring your words -- like when you're a little intoxicated -- and that other people noticed it before they did. A couple of guys I know got accused of being drunk on the job, much to their surprise.

    I'm guessing that you're not slurring your words. Given your concerns about ALS, I'm sure the neuro listened very closely when you were talking to him to see if he detected any speech problems. That he didn't notice any is a good sign.
    You are fine :). When the neuro looked at mine he referred to the appearance like "a bag of worms". I didn't even know it was doing that. I can't feel it. Relax buddy...you are ok. Hugs
    I really didn't notice weakness until my speech was almost gone. Try to stick your tongue through your cheek on each side. My Neuro has me do that, which I can't anymore. Look in the mirror with mouth open and look at your tongue at rest. Use a flash light if you can't see. Does your tongue move/twitch?
    For me when it started I noticed words sounding strange. I would think to myself, "that sounded weird". Nobody ever seem to notice so I blew it off. It was getting noticeable to my clients, and we laughed it off saying I was hitting the wine early. I was under alot of stress at the time, so I thought I'd get better. I talked like I had a thick tongue or at least it felt that way. I sounded intoxicated. Also felt like I had something in my throat. Hope this helps. :) Michelle
    I'm around if you ever want to talk. I've been where you are. I have had several children myself and I have really been a mess since the last one. I can completely relate to your neck issues and arm issues as I experience most of your symptoms and then some. Post partum can be so evil and our bodies just dont always heal so well after a few pregnancies. I also get the internal buzzing or vibrating you were talking about also, isnt that one fun, LOL I can help you understand some of whats going on with you. Just leave me a message on my wall on here, or you can find me on Facebook, if you need someone to talk to. I'm under LeAnne Thompson on FB. I just wanted you to know that you are not alone, and someone is close by to help. Take care:)
    Being put on "wait and see" by a neuro is not unusual, unfortunately, especially when they are trying to distinguish between an acute condition (like an injury) or a chronic condition (a progressive disease like MND or MS). Cramps are one thing to keep an eye on until they come up with a cause, but that can be really difficult at times. If your neuro exam came out normal, the next step is probably an orthopedist or maybe a chiropractor. Years of tending to and toting kids around can wreak havoc on your back and neck. Ask your GP if he thinks some physical therapy might help.
    i went to see dr stucki. he said that my neck might "feel" weak but i have not lost any muscle strength. he said my neuro exam was 100% great. which is wonderful but i asked him for the EMG (is that what its called?) and he said that the nero exam is better than a nerve test and that since i havent lost any muscle use he wasnt going to do one. i wish he would just do it to ease my mind. he thinks i have more of a posture problem due to having 6 kids, 3 in the past 4 years. i am getting a modified barrium swallow on wednesday. he also told me if i had a genuine swallowing problem it would normally present with some degree of speech impairment. so i guess i will wait and see. thank you so mush for your help and prayers. i know you dont know me but if there is anything i can do for you please let me know ... i have 6 kids how bad could i be right? :) no really im just a regular stay at home teachers wife so please let me know if you need anything. thanks again. im praying for you and me
    I'm doing good and are blessed with the best babies! They are my breath...
    Let me know how your appointment goes. Praying for you
    Thank you. I got in to see another dr in the same practice and different location. Dr. Brian Stuicki. I am going friday jun17. im scared. my neck feels so weak :( is this common? i having mych difficulty swallowing but im not slurring. is this normal? im am having a hard time functioning. it so hard taking care of 6 children and feeling so bad! thank you for your help. i feel so alone so every bit helps :(
    If you express ALS concerns, they will get you in. Go to their office, or call and leave a message for his nurse. The phone operators suck so go around them. Stay calm until you know something. Tell his nurse your GP told you to see Dr White. Give them your GP's name or have him call dr white directly. December is unexceptable! Stay in touch...Hugs Michelle
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