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  • Hey Ami,
    We had a nice one. Good food, too much of it. Nina had a blast too. How was it for you?
    It's a three night out of Canaveral. It goes to Nassau and a private island. It's our 4th one on Disney. We love it. All ready for Christmas?
    Thanks I appreciate that, I go to my go today, I wonder if that is something he could order, as far as the ALS doc, I called and the nurse said that he said he had cleared me and will not see me again and told me if I wanted a second opinion he could give me names. Is that a test that only a specialist would order? Sorry about all the questions, I have never been a nutcase like this before! Lol
    Thanks, kathy
    Have you gone to the speech therapist? If so have they detected anything in your speech? Has the neuro told you as they have me, don't worry you don't have it? I am still so worried and really getting me in a depression, sorry for all the questions and thanks
    Hello, thanks for your advice. I just read your thread "all about tongues" and it sounds as if I could of written it myself. Have you figured anything out or do you feel any better at all as far as your symtoms? Have you been tro a speech specialist?
    Here is something that made me feel a bit better last night. I had a phone conversation with someone who has a loved one who's speech is affected, they are not quite sure what is wrong yet, but she let me listen to his voice and in it you can here that there is something going on. It did not sound lispy. Thank you so much for trying to ease my mind.
    Thank you, I tried to call the specialist that I saw today, his nurse said, he has examined you so all I can do is give you another dr for a second opionion. I see my family doc on wed so I think I will ask him for the barium test. Is a special kind of swallow test? Also I want to see a speech person. I believe that will ease my mind. I have never been like this in my life. I am not performing at work as I should and I really can't take much more stress or I am going to crack. Thanks for your support. This is not in my mind, really. Thanks, kathy
    My advice would be to listen to your neuro's. The barium swallow test would have shown any type of abnormalities and the EMG certainly would have done so as well. Let it go. It's just that simple.
    Hi Ami,
    How was your weekend? We we're busy, busy. Nina went to Busch Gardens so I had a nice day to myself. Missed her though!
    Take care,
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