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  • Hi Sandi.
    I'm having a great deal of trouble extracting any information from people who should know something...very frustrating.
    What my Neuro (who's a world expert on MNDs) told me is that mills is very rare.
    His words 'there's only been like 11 cases...ever,'
    So...you are very rare and unique...I find being rare and unique a bit lonely...
    Do you have problems with your hand? Mine is fist like a lot of the time now, I try to concentrate on keeping it straight but life gets in the way most of the time.
    Typically, I WAS right handed...
    Take care, J x
    G'day seahorse.
    I've just sent Nikki my email so we can chat other than this site. Will save my story for that. I'm so sorry you have this diagnosis, but I am lead to believe this is probably the MND to have...
    Look forward to catching up.
    God bless, Janelle x
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