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    Question about slurred speech

    Good evening Sorry to bother anyone but due to COVID my waiting time to speak to my GP is now 3 weeks was hoping for a bit of advice with regards to slurred speech. I understand slurred speech is the most common symptom of Bulbar Onset however in the early stages is the slurred speech obvious...
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    Sorry to bother anyone

    Sorry to bother everyone again as I know I have asked plenty of questions in previous thread but was hoping I could ask a final question which has been playing on my mind. I previously mentioned I had issues swallowing saliva but I am fine with food and liquids swallowing normally, this is...
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    Sorry for messaging a PALS, I was unaware of this rule and it won't happen again, sorry

    Sorry for messaging a PALS, I was unaware of this rule and it won't happen again, sorry
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    Bulbar Concerns

    Ok, just to confirm even with the twitching, swallowing issues and breathing issues during sleep that none of of this is ALS, Bulbar or Respiratory onset ?
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    Bulbar Concerns

    Ok will contact my GP. I really appreciate your help I'm also having issues getting back to sleep, when I'm about to fall asleep I feel like I stop breathing and wake up/panic then I'm super observant of my breathing which again doesn't help me sleep, not sure if this would be anxiety related...
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    Bulbar Concerns

    Thank you for the reply I have recorded myself sleeping and noticed I have been snoring, been waking myself up the last few nights from either snoring or sucking/gasping air, does this sound like ALS? I am not waking up with shortness of breath but have on my recording I have been snoring...
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    Bulbar Concerns

    Thank you for the response lgelb I appreciate you taking the time out to help me, your advice is very detailed and makes total sense I am definitely mouth breathing when in bed but I think that's because I am congested and I am much more aware of my breathing but I think that may be anxiety...
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    Bulbar Concerns

    Good evening Been following this forum for months and you guys help is remarkable I am hoping you can help me. I am a 29 year old Male who has worries of ALS, I have had these worries for 9 months now, more specifically Bulbar onset. I have read the stickies attached to the forum. I have...