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  • The muscle fibers don't fail. The motor neurons that control clumps of muscle fibers fail, leaving the muscle fibers paralyzed. It's a gradual process. Small muscles have fewer motor neurons so they fail quicker.
    A neuro who is well-trained will definitely know the difference between EMG findings of someone with ALS and someone who has a simple nerve injury due to trauma. Your neuro has fully evaluated you and has already assured you but you simply will not listen. You obviously have a lot of anxiety and that is definitely contributing to your signs and symptoms. I'm not at all sure what I can tell you (especially since I already gave you my opinion) that your neuro hasn't already told you. Let it go.
    Can trauma trigger or speed-up (not cause) the onset of MND . . . to a degree, yes . . . BUT . . . your story is not the story of someone with ALS, so your question does not pertain to you at all.
    I got your message and read your story. I really don't know what you have but I can assure you that it isn't ALS. Sometimes after the body has gone through trauma (in your case, a broken arm), the immune system can over-react (by definition it is called autoimmunity) and cause very strange symptoms. I also feel that you might have some anxiety that is adding to your problems. If your neuro told you not to worry, then please do your best to follow that advice because it sounds like he/she fully evaluated you. Take care and I wish you peace.
    hi i had broken left humeral shaft in may 10 for that i had a surgery & put a plate there. but after that i observed left wrist drop due to damage to radial nerve. i again had a tendon transfer surgery in august 10 for wrist drop. i had a big casting on my left hand for a period of 4 weeks. after removing the casting i observed twitchinh first in left hand & then all over the body. now i feel various things in my body such as popping of joints, reduction in size of hip & pennis, feeling of itchiness, pins & needles sensation, hot & cold feeling on various parts of my body, frequent change in colour of my left hand, body pain at various parts, clumsy left hand, feeling fatigue, yawning etc. also fasciculation not yet stopped its still there but at random & does not long for long period. so i m worried that is this als. please advice me on this. thanking you all in advance.
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