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  • Hi my friend, How goes the battle? You doing alright? Spring has finally arrived here in MT.

    Just wanted to send you good vibes and strength.
    and, I sent this 2 ways...tell me if you got it twice...then I'll know how to do it....(no pun intended)

    As far as the boss thing....he came in first thing with a check...not a total squaring up like I asked for, but I am giving him a little time to figure out the buying in this size, I wouldn't expect him to have an immediate plan. I figure by this coming Friday, 2 weeks since our last 'meeting', I will press a little, just to see that he is working on it. Make sure he knows I am serious and haven't forgot or let it slide...especially since we r still not 'square'. He is a yankee...been here for 24 yrs, but still a yankee...with the inbred mentality to push it as far as possible... Rest assured, I plan to hold his feet to the fire!
    You have a good week too, Deb. Keep your head up, but I know you will and do.

    Happy Birthday!!

    Sorry for the 2 yr anniversary, but I figure you have made peace with it. I didn't know you but have since come to...and I know how you are. Realistic and always moving forward, so I know you are okay. We will always miss those gone before us, but we also find peace in knowing that they are within us and better off where they are now.
    Glad you have a very necessary/needed for sanity purposes. Hope you have a relaxing/rejuvenating Sunday. For me...IT IS THE BEGINNING OF RACING SEASON!! Been waiting since November...trudging thru these other sports...patiently waiting. College basketball is next favorite, and it is here part of the season, Feb and March...but love Nascar too. Just something about going fast that tickles my fancy, imagine that.

    I'm doing well. Hate to hear about your state...damn. I know it well. Glad BIL is there for you both. Glad for the fixing up of the backyard. Everyone needs such a place. Love my backyard so much I hate to leave.
    Actually was in your neighborhood over the weekend. Has a masonic meeting at Scottish Rite Childrens Hospital yesterday. That was some kind of rain Friday afternoon...dang. Ran into it North of Fort Worth and it never quit to the hotel, downtown Dallas. Wow.
    Keep your head up, gonna be tough days ahead. Talk to me if you need to.
    Hey Deb, ya'll/you okay? Haven't seen or heard from you or see you online. Hope all is okay, or at least as well as can be. xx.
    Good to hear from you, Avoidance. Glad you have his brother. Understand how the not talking is. It was quiet here for a year...except for the computer voice. I also understand the not knowing...but probably best that way. Just deal with each day as it comes. Do the best you can each day...then start again tomorrow. And yes, I always tried to remember it was worse for her.

    All is well with me...I have no issues, comparatively. Tracy's been gone a year and a half today. Check out my facebook page, our daughter posted a pic this morning. (Todd Faulkner)

    Have a good weekend Deb. Talk to me anytime you need to.
    Hi TC. We are ok. Steve is progressing as expected. I haven't been on the forum much lately. Avoidance is my new middle name. Have been traveling for work a lot. Trying to visit all my territory's before Steve gets to much worse. His brother is doing a wonderful job of taking care of him. Most of the time, I feel like the third wheel when at home. Steve doesnt talk to much anymore. Not because he can't but it does get him very winded

    The not knowing what to expect or when to expect it, sucks with this disease. I am getting very tired of it all. I just try to remember that it's worse for him..

    Hope all is well with you.
    Hey Girl...yall okay??? I have seen no sign of you in a while....although I probably don't get here as much as I used to. My busy time of the year at work...takes all day. Hope you are ok.

    Stevie/ favorite of ever. Eagles, very close second. I listen to classic rock most all the time.

    I'm sorry about what yall are going declining/trache decision/hospice...each is overwhelming in itself. I know how it is to go walking like you did...probably nothing said...nothing to say...know that yall being the there with him means everything. I know you, like me, would gladly have it instead of him if you could. But you/we can't/couldn't. All we can/could do is our best. And we are/did. Keep at it, you are doing fine for him, and you.

    I come to the forum because of you and a few others I made friends with. It is hard...but nothing like the battles yall are still facing. If I can help any of you any...its worthwhile to me. (and I read a whole lot more than I comment on!)

    Regarding a past CALS thread that I cant bring myself to post it, Seems that I am in the minority as far as those who are successfully moving forth. I can't believe some of what I've read...guys five years down the road and still can't shake it. I guess everyone's different, but I think that isn't what our PALS would want for us. I know mine told me repeatedly before she left, to go forth...even made suggestion. Gotta be realistic...early 50's is too young to just...opt out. Am I bad?

    I have been in Waco for several days at a Masonic gathering...wind up tomorrow and head back west of here. Supposed to be real windy sunday, maybe get home before it hits!!

    Keep your head to me anytime.xx
    Hey girl!! How are you is the question..? I have been thinking about you too, just saw a post in the last couple of days that you were out of town for a week. Glad you got a break. Hope the head clearing happened. I know that feeling. And I also know they come few and far hope it was good. What kinda music??

    Anyway, I'm good. The days are becoming easier. The hurt is and will always be there I'm sure...but day to day ops are getting to be okay. My life goes on, and I can't see having it be subdued...If I have learned one thing thru all of this schtuff I've been thru...It's this. If there is something, anything, that you want, or want to do...or have...or whatever, You need to be doing it. Our times are limited...don't waste any. page1.
    Hi Deb! Thanks for thinking of me. I think of you often too...just don't know how much to say...

    I'm good, pressing forth. Twill be 14 mo tomorrow...still there, but manageable. Unlike you...I have to keep the tradition going...Lights outside and tree and stuff inside. My daughter came out and helped decorate the tree after I put it up. My son and his new wife came out for a little while last nite to visit. It's good to have them closeby. We will all get together with my family for christmas so all that will be ok. I still put up Tracy's stocking...doesn't seem quite right without it...yet...maybe.

    I understand how you feel, just wanting to get past it too...been there. I wish you weren't having to go down this road, just as I wish I didn't have to. Wish I could help. Let me know if there's anyyyything.

    Scared, I'm a lurker so you probably haven't seen much of me on the forum. My close friend is a PALS so I read, but don't contribute too much. Anyway, I am going to see Stevie Nicks this Saturday night. I've never had the opportunity to see her in the past. I will now be thinking of the new Koala, Stevie, as I watch and listen to her up on stage. It will add new meaning to the experience. Wishing you and Steve peaceful days. Cindy
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