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  • I've been twitching for 6 years in my feet, nonstop, and I'm fine. Just wanted you to know. I also have twitched all over my body for 6 years, and I'm fine. Overall, the twitching has gone down by about 99%, and now I basically only twitch in my feet. You're fine.
    This message is from scrdtodth:
    “Go see a Movement Disorders specialist. I was diagnosed with Painful Legs Moving Toes back in March of this year. You and I have/had very similar symptoms. Look up my user name on here and my past posts (pre and post diagnosis).”
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    Thank you for sending this information. :)
    Feel free to ask me any questions. I had hormonal upheaval at the same time I got the symptoms. I was on here freaked out, but trust me. It isn’t ALS you have.
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