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  • Congrats on the big baby. I think you are over tired and getting over a illness on top of having a little one to care for. All this can be very taxing. I think you are worrying over something some rest will help with. Go to the dr if it will help ease the fears. My best advice is to listen to what the dr tells you. If he says you are fine then believe it. I will say an extra prayer for you and your little family. Again congrats.
    This is bugging me a little bit. I see here where Tokahfang offered you some reasonable help way back in August of last year. After searching all of his visitor messages, I don't see where you even did him the favor of a response.

    Are you just determined to turn your symptoms into als? If that is true, you do need psychiatric help! I can promise you that you DO NOT want als! It is terminal, don't you understand that? Stop! You're young, trying to start a family......get on with that. Rub some Tiger Balm on your achy muscles, and quit looking for als, o.k.?

    Just trying to help.
    I posted a response to your thread, but it's in moderation for now. If you need any more advice about nutrition, I have gastroparesis and dysphagia together, so I've been through the wringer on this stuff - send me a visitor message and I'll try to help you out.
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