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    Signing Off

    Hey Jamie, This forum and especially this section of the forum, will not be the same without you. I also started lurking on the forum about the same time you joined, though I didn't actually join until a couple months later. I am so very thrilled that you don't have an ALS diagnosed, but like...
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    Hi Annmarie, Happy belated birthday! I read your post on another thread that you are having a tough time. I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and you remain in my prayers. Undoubtedly, you are under a lot of stress which might be contributing to worsening of symptoms, my point...
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    Benefit for Jack on Saturday July 7, 2007

    I'll be praying for Stephanie, she has quite the battle on her hands. But she has a lot of ammunition, between her caring and wonderful doctors, and her positive attitude (that will carry her a long way!), and the love of a close family. Of course you'll stay strong because you ARE strong, but...
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    Good News

    WOOOO HOOOO! Congratulations, Jamie! Never thought I'd be congratulating someone for having lyme disease...but it's just like congratulating Leslie for her diagnosed -- ANYTHING is better than ALS. After being so sure you had ALS, it must feel a bit disorienting to have your life given...
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    I'm going to be a dad!

    CONGRATULATIONS! That's wonderful news! And best wishes to your wife for an easy pregnancy! Sharon
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    You'll have a lot of people with you in spirit at your appointment, Jamie; we'll all be thinking of you. You remain in my prayers. Very best wishes, Sharon
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    AL and ALS Article and slide show

    Al, you are amazing...thank you again and again and again for all you do. And, amen to what everyone else said about your voice -- you have a great smile, too! Sharon
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    curious about what to expect in the future

    Oh Jackie...I am so very sorry you were treated in such a way. No, you have not lost your faith. Your faith is being tried in a manner that very few people have known. Quit crying and quit worrying? You are right -- people who say things like that have no idea what they are talking about...
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    random act of kindness

    Wow, Cindy...that story brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for posting it. OK, here are two RAKs, one in which I was the recipient, and one in which I was the giver (see what goes around does come around, but of course that's not why we do RAKs :)). Many years ago, my brother and I went on a...
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    I need your opinion

    Well, Jamie, you have to tell them what's in your heart. Whenever I tell myself that, I write down what I'll want to say, then sputter through it when the time comes. But, I would definitely let the doctors know the affects their cavalier attitudes have had on you and yours, not only for...
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    We need to band tighter together!

    Jeffrey, eHope sounds like a wonderful endeavor! Donna, I think your idea is a great one. I've edited my profile to include the city in Colorado in which I live (Lakewood, in the Denver area). And while I was at it, I added a profile picture of Saska, my forever angel :). Beebe, I wish I...
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    Benefit for Jack on Saturday July 7, 2007

    Hi Beebe, I hope you have someone focusing on you...that you have a lot of local support to help with the enormous load you are carrying. I know it is a labor of immense love, but it is labor nonetheless. Take very good care of yourself. I pray Steph does not have too tough of a time with...
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    Fasciculations and the Holistic doctor answers

    Massage can be an effective treatment for reducing fasciculations, and stretching is as well. Massage is also often covered by insurance. Sharon
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    Dick's passing

    Phyl, I am so deeply sorry for your loss, I can only imagine what deep shock you must be in. Words cannot express my deepest sympathy. You remain in my prayers. Rest in peace, Dick. Sharon
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    Pray for this Friday

    Yes, Rosales and Manuel, you are in my prayers and thoughts today. And Jamie, I remember dates too (7/23). Sharon