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    Help! How do you ship a Powerchair?

    hon, I wouldnt have offered if I didnt mean it. Dont let this opportunity go because you are having this minor difficulty. (I say minor because Im truly willing to help!) just give me a hollar, and me & my van are so there.......... [email protected] it will be okay, you've come too...
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    *New To The Forums*

    hello, holly! I believe I responded to you in another post, but I just wanted to say HI!
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    Help! How do you ship a Powerchair?

    I would contact the local ALS chapter to see if they can help, or even contact the fire departments, as they were a great help here in shipping. if you get no other help, I live in Alabama & will gladly figure out a way for my van to help it get from one place to another, without cost to you...
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    shame shame! why in this world would someone want to do that? It just boils my dander when someone tries to take advantage of things like that good eye, and great catch!
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    Road Trip!

    I am more than happy to try & post those pics for you here, if you will just email them to me, I will have them hosted at photobucket & post them here for you, should you need me to [email protected] glad you got to do this!
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    touching thumb to finger

    well said whether we have a disease, or not...amen!
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    Sale Ebay Til 8/5

    I think that its great that some of these postings are allowed. I know with Momma, the ALS association helped, and also did local charities. we also donated everything back into the 'system' when she earned her wings. If theres anything I can do to help, meaning talking to someone, or...
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    Advice about feeding tubes

    please, get it before you need it really badly...before your respiration is an issue. it is in no way something to take away your independence. for my Momma it was a GOD SEND! it is not noticable under clothes, etc. and Momma said that the 'foods' tasted yummy..LOL if you have the...
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    Anybody have a Dynavox

    my Mother had one, and it was great! I donated it to ALS charities when she earned her wings. If I can help at all, just give me a hollar!
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    If Tomorrow Starts Without Me

    just beautiful!
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    4 yrs. with als

    welcome welcome! I hope that you are well connected with your ALS advisor there in your area, because they can be just a fountain of help when it comes to getting things to help with your typing, etc. needs. I know that in Alabama you can find out more at if theres anything...
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    what is a feeding tube?

    my Mother had bulbar onset ALS, and her PEG tube was just wonderful for her. It couldnt be seen unless she needed it, because it 'tucked' into her bra, etc. and then towards the end, where she was bed bound, we would clasp the tube (the hinge tube part) onto a pin, (a closed type) and it was...
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    Does ALS hurt?

    with my SUGAR MOMMA, there were times the pain was terrible, after the disease started taking more of a toll, but like the others say its different in every one. I suggest getting 2nd and 3rd opinions on everything. then I would build from there. Please keep us updated, k, friend?
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    *Have ALS-Getting Married*

    CONGRADS TO YOUR UPCOMING WEDDING! you will have to post pictures, friend! I just love weddings! my advice to you about your future hubby, and this disease is simply life is life... there is no way to protect him or anyone else from whatever this disease does/does not have in store for you...
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    Turned down for trial

    I am so sorry about this turn down! My Momma had a sulfa allergy as well, and until we found out OUCH! !it was terrible! Bless her heart she was sooooo sick! I am praying that you are able to do another one, please keep us updated, k?