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  • Thank you for the message Saras. I'm very sorry to hear about your loved one's ALS scare. I'm sure it must be very difficult for the both of you.

    As far as MS goes, while my doctors are leaning towards it, I'm being told that they basically can't make a diagnosis until it gets worse. So far my Brain MRI is the only thing abnormal, and only with mild atrophy and 2-3 white matter changes. I guess you need at least 7, or have it in multiple regions (spine etc) to make the call. I'm waiting to hear back on some spinal tap results which I'll get tomorrow morning. Hopefully they'll shed some more light. I'm still concerned of MND, but mainly because of my tongue. I have some atrophy of it, but at the same time I've also had tongue surgery - so who knows lol. It's been really frustrating. Ultimately I'm just happy to be alive, and taking one day at a time. Anyway, since you do have MS, would you mind explaining what MS fatigue is? I've seen it talked about before on other boards.
    Saras, thank you for saying this. I have received more help than I've given here so anything I can do I will.
    All the best, Barry
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