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  • Hi Sarah, my name is Steph.
    I'm 18, my father has ALS. He was diagnosed about a year ago, and my family and I are attempting to cope. I go to a university in Canada, far from home. I've had a hard time being able to communicate what it's like to deal with something like this to my friend, non of whom can relate. I am looking for people to talk to who know what this is like. If you would ever like to talk to me about it, I'm here.
    Hi Tillie,
    Thank you it means so much, not only to me to my mother as well..
    I will contact you as soon as I get your details.
    Thank you again, I really appreciate it. Xx
    Hi Sarah
    I'm in rural NSW Australia. I'm one of the few active aussies here. I can't private message you yet as you are a new member and that feature doesn't turn on for a little while. I'm going to ask Beky, one of our moderators to send you a private message for me with my contact in it in case you would like to talk to someone a little bit local (I'm more near the Gold Coast than Sydney though) welcome and I'm so sorry you have had to join us. You will find great support here xxx Tillie
    Hi guys, my name is Sarah I'm 17 I currently go to school and of an afternoon and night I care for my mother Vivien, who was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease in June 2013, though her symptoms started April 2011.
    She has lost movement in her legs, most of her arms and her voice is starting to go..
    I'm joining this on her behalf to seek emotional support and information regarding new treatments, treatment feedback and so we can tell you about new treatments we have learned of that may help you or a loved one.
    My mum recently started taking a powder called "L serine" I give her 8 grams twice a day, so far after about 2 weeks she has had more energy, found small movement in her arms and her speaking is clearer.
    Is anyone else using this powder and how is it working for you. :)

    Sarah Xx
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