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    Husband PLS then going ALS,

    Thank You........
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    Husband PLS then going ALS,

    What clinic is the best for diagnosis? This might help us.......... One doctor says one thing, another says something else.
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    Husband PLS then going ALS,

    Hello my husband has PLS but they say it will turn to ALS. My goodness, we wonder how can they tell when it goes into ALS. He has signs of ALS now, and this way we can prepare for this. My husband is progressing and we thought that it is slow. So now is it ALS....... Totally confused. When...
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    ALS Progressive Bulbar Palsy/Primary Lateral Sclerosis/Progressive Pseudobulbar Palsy

    My husband has been going to the neurologist for now almost a year, taking all kinds of tests and he believes it could be ALS. We have now gone to UofMI and hopefully they will find out what is happening. He thinks after the first visit it may be Progressive Bulbar Palsy or Primary Lateral...