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  • just dropped by to give you some advice...........don't know who the hell you are but joining this forum and your first post being a message attacking hopingforcure is not going to win you any friends.
    hopingforcure is a very respected senior member of this forum and was a modorator for al (super modorator).
    hopingforcure has had umn dominant als for many years and has done alot of research as myself.

    you can not join a forum and start attacking its members.......thats not how we do things here.
    you don't know nothing about hopingforcure,i can tell you she is a better person than you could ever wish to be.
    you should apologise to her for your very rude and hurtfull message.
    any more nonsense and you will be reported to david (forum owner)
    have a nice day!
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