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  • Sam.

    Just stopping by to say 'hi'. Hang in there, I know you've been going from hard times to harder. xo
    Hi Sammantha, just checking in on you to say hello and send you a big hug! Nothing much going on here, just wanted to stop by.
    It makes me so happy to read your message, you just sound as though you are in a better place, mentally and emotionally. Remember I am here for you and am glad we have become friends!

    My family and I are doing well, thanks for asking.
    Well I put back all my real info! Not hiding anymore. My job/contractor know.............I just cant wait until they decide on what motor neuron disorder i have! It saves a lot of explaining!
    Yes it is and we love it here. I'm originally from Michigan and my husband is from Minnesota so we know all about being Proud Yankees! We met in Texas and moved here in 2002 because we love it and nature so much. I really miss skiing and hiking but that's life, eh? I still love the mountains and driving in them. Our house is at 5,002 ft and we are about 1/2 hr. from Rocky Mountain National Park which is why we chose to live here. We live just East of the foothills. If we look to the East we see the plaines and looking to the West is the mountains and Continental Divide. We love it here. I do miss the Great Lakes though. It's high desert here.
    I am lucky to have UNC Chapel Hill here, Duke is next door but i do not care for them....even though they are a top ten school and cant take my state taxes from me! :) I live near the coast so its beautiful, then I went to Asheville and fell in love!!!! From the mountains and pure clean water, to the city full of music positivity and people so accepting.... The rest is sand spurs, tics, bad public schools and racism on all sides! It can't be perfect I guess..
    I pray for it to be PLS. We have a UNC here too but I know your UNC is not mine. Ever get out this way? I've never been to NC but I heard it's beautiful! Keep me posted as to what they say. We can do this! :)
    I am sooo glad you're here Samm. You are a valued member with valued input. Love you Girl!
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