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  • Hi,
    I've just found your posts in the PBP support group. This is not a forum I usually look at. My mom is 86 and was diagnosed with bulbar als this past Dec. 2012. Her speech issues began at least 2 years prior, and she now has a feeding tube and can only swallow pureed foods. She is still pretty strong and we have not gotten a bi pap or cough assist yet, but I am wondering if she would have more energy if she used the bi pap. I read your post about the meds and constipation. My mom takes just 10 mg of Elavil every nite. It helps her to sleep thru the nite and it really does help with excess saliva. When she gets constipated I give her a syringe full of prune juice and it seems to do the trick. Anyway, your posts interested me because our moms are about the same age and I am always wondering how in the hell ladies of this advanced age could be hit with this monster disease. Please let me know how your mom is doing.
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