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  • Hey--til David makes your BFS post a sticky--why don't you add it to the sticky thread he made of my post in the meantime (before it gets locked) Don't know how mine made the stickys when yours didn't. Have a great Easter!
    Hi Lori,
    Saw where a group of CALS/ PALS gathered together in Reno. Sounds like it was a nice time for all. I just stopped by to wish you a Happy Easter. You and everyone on the forum are in my prayers. Take care, Kim
    Hi, Lori- Long time, I know. Just wanted to drop by & say hi!
    Hope you're doing as well as can be expected. Do you still keep in touch with CJ? If so, tell her I said hi; hope she is healing & finding happiness. Marianne
    Thank you so much! I will seek out the page on FB. I've found a few resources since yesterday when I decided if I didn't find an outlet for my emotions I was going to be of no use to anyone ... Or I was going to explode! I'm sure you have no idea what I'm talking about.... (Read the sarcasm there!)
    Hi, so glad that you are getting together with some of the ladies! Have a great time!
    Thanks, I thought I did spread out G o o g l e but I did not on treat or treatment. You have a lovely family. Hugs.
    thank you for the reply!!! I really appreciate it. May God bless you! I know i am to young to have ALS with no family history, but i study biology (the science of life) and i learn some things there so its difficult for me not to watch out for any symptoms. I began having a health anxiety after an extremely frightful event (thought i had rabies). I am grateful though i have to go through all this fear, because i want to achieve great things in my life, and definitely find a cure for deadly diseases ( like ALS and MS and cancer). I learned to respect, to fear, to feel, to help people who need it ( i also was helpful before that, but now i am more than that). Definitely this stage of my life, will have a big impact on my future research ( if i ll be able to). :)
    Thank You reminding me to be careful what I post again. I was doing good with my posts and started drifting off again. How is Les doing lately? I didn't see any recent posts on how he is unless I missed it. Thanks again for reminding me to stay on track so I don't offend anyone.
    You and Les are in my prayers. Hope Les is doing better. My dad just caught a bad cold or the flu so he went to the doctor and he was put on a strong antibiotic. They are hoping to prevent it from going to his lungs. Take care, Kim
    sadimae -thank you hun lovely to have you as a friend for the New Year !!!!!
    Sadiemae blessings love peace and joy to you for the new year ahead... and of course a belated merry Christmas,i would love to add you as a friend to my page Aly posted me suggested i query you ... the whizz... lol ...on getting Davids attention as to why i cant PM - is it my settings or has it been removed. There is no hurry for this as i would much rather see your ongoing wonderful posts but if you happen to be talking with David could you let him know it is a bit of a bother not being able to PM - so sorry to bother you with this and please no hurry -just when the timing for you works .... cyber hug and thank you for all your wonderful input to this site... you help make the forum a treasure trove of inspiration and wisedon THANK YOU... deeply moved by your heartfelt posts!
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