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  • Hi Sabrina. You just wrote a Visitor Message to yourself. I suggest making a new thread in the area labeled General Discussion. To get there from here, look up to the blue link just below the red button called Donate Today.
    My dad 58 yr was diagnosed yesterday with ALS. He has been hospitalized for the past 5 months with respiratory issues.In the time waiting for a diagnosis he has already had a trach and a PEG He is currently in a skilled nursing facility.They are trying to send him to a long term facility.He is currently on a waiting list for a place that not only specializies in vent care but also ALS. I was thinking ahead when I chose the place weeks ago. Now that is it confirmed he has ALS I'm having conflicting thoughts if he is better to go home or LTF. I've been told he needs 24 coverage and insurance would only cover 8 Like I said he has a trach, needs O2 during the day, vent at night ,PEG ,can only walk with walker about 300 ft.,does not eat or drink by mouth at all. Of course we don't know how soon he will decline but I'm guessing because he is vent dependant mainly because he is a CO2 retainer he won't have a long time. Anyones thoughts on my assumation
    Also home care vs long term facility
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