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  • Hello Sabby. You wrote this Visitor Message to yourself. No people will see it. You should write a New Thread in the ALSforum in the Do I Have ALS area.
    HI all the well wishers

    I am from India , problem was started visible muscle twitching rotating to different limbs , Consulted 3-neuro all suggest Benign cause , done blood works, anxiety treat, Vitamin treatm , done EMG , EMG & NCV involving three muscles suggest fasciculation & high MUAPs with Impression of Chronic Denervation & Innervation , then consulted the best MND doctor of India

    She demanded another EMG/NCV in a gap of 20 Days involving Muscles of Upper, Lower Limbs, Trunk, Neck & Cheek as per her impression it is normal in aspect of Neurophysiology
    ,but in 1st L Dorsal Intercoursa muscle a doubtful fasciculation comment was there , She noted DTR 2 to 3 + earlier all neuros mention that 2+ she planed next review after 3 months ordered Vitmain D3 test which comes out 33.5nmol/L taking Vita D suppliments now , As she downgraded my DTR reflex i consult another neuro he also noted general hyperreflexia and prescibe me Diazapam to control anxiety pls guide
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