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  • hey Ruth
    How are things in Enterprise? Sorry I haven't written in awhile my arms are getting a little stiff.
    how is your husband doing with the Rilutek? Is he still working I hope?
    All for now
    Hi, Wish I had some words of wisdom on how to cope. When I figure it out, I'll let ya know!! We have 2 teenagers at home. The best thing for my husband is his dog, Sadiemae!! He says she is the only one who understands.
    Hey ruth
    Glad to hear from you,good to hear Lynn emailed you.I'll try and answer your questions.First with the fatigue ,no the Rilutek did not affect me at all no fatigue, and no other side effects,I was very lucky inthat respect .
    second question if you mean how has the disease affected me I'm fortunate my progression has been slow,is this the result of Rilutek I can;t say, but I have been one it from ther beginning.
    My symptoms started in my left foot and worked over to my right foot and leg after about 3 yrs. Then my wrists weeked ,now me sholders are week .But I just seem to progress in stages.
    I hope this answers your question.Feel free to call me or my wife Jeryl anytime 793-4929
    Your ALS friend
    How have you been? Is your husband doing ok on the Rilutek? Any side effects? I have taken this for 5+years.
    Did you get my e-mail I sent the other day ?
    Have you registered your husband with ALS assoc. ?
    The ALS patient services representative for our area will be heading the support group meeting she is very helpful .
    pm me for directions
    Hey Ruthie I'M from Dothan and I would like to invite you and your hubby to ALS support group meeting we have in Dothan. We laugh we cry we lift each other up,we share tips and tricks we have learned.
    The date is march 24 at 6 p.m.
    waiting to hear from you JEFF
    My folks are from LA (lower Alabama)! My parents best friends from the Air Force live in Enterprise. Hope you find lots of support here...
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