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  • Hey Ruth
    my sons name is T. J. Haywood ,he is in practice with Tom Brantley,He doesn't go to pike county but occasionaly to coffee.
    Does Scott have a clinic visit soon??
    Ruth, I don't think our lives will ever be normal again, if you know what I mean, we now have a new normal..sigh... let me know how it goes ok. We go back to Emory next month too. Have a good day girl!
    Hey Ruth
    Good to hear from you,hope you and family are staying cool.glad to hear Scott has an appt.for clinic I'm sure you will learn alot and be there a while.Hope both of you can make support group July me with any questions.
    Ruth, glad you could have a positive moment re: the AFO's, etc... Hope your husband will continue to be able to walk for quite sometime! Good luck to you! (PS - My parents are from south ALA.)
    Yes this Disease STINKS and only us who are directly affected know how much of a battle everyday is.The things we were once able to do on our own we now depend on our caretakers like you and my wife.
    Caretakers are SAINTS
    Yes just when you get ready to enjoy life with your mate along comes ALS. When we said our wedding vows all those years ago we never thought for better or worse the worse would be this bad.
    The statment you say about teaching your grandson how to play ball ,I have also thought about that
    as I have 2 grandsons and can't even throw them a ball.
    Just wanted to let you we are all here for each other.
    Did you get my email about clinics? call me with any thing
    your friened
    THIS DISEASE STINKS! I realize my husband and I are early into this disease/diagnosis, but I'm already so ready to scream, it's not funny! Heartbreaking when he can no longer wear his flip flops....drop foot resulting in continual falls when he smacks his forehead, etc. cause he's too weak to catch himself---check......I even mustered through the AFO brace fitting for his left leg foot drop last week and right leg this week! Dealing with overall arm weakness, extreme fatigue, etc.-forcing food down him when he's too tired to eat! Heartbreaking-however, when I realize the strong possibility that ME, not HIM, is going to have to teach our 3-yr old grandson how to play ball---what the crap! We raised 2 daughters----I know all about dance, gymnastics and cheerleading, "girls club" & prom---but honestly, what do I know about playing catch, baseball, football, etc.. Apologizing early for the vent---frustration sometimes gets hold of me once I take care of my luv and put him to bed!
    Hey Ruth
    My arm stiffness is getting more frequent, just something I have to deal with.good to hear Scott got a brace,
    as you will find out going down this journey anything medical related prices are ridiculousl.I'll send you an email with the type brace I got, and clinic experiences and recomendation.
    Hey Jeff, good to hear from you. Hate to hear about your arms getting you get the stiffness very often or is something "new"? Things going pretty goods this way. Scott's falling a litle more of late but we went to the Dothan Brace Shop today and they fitted him with a brace for the foot drop. EXPENSIVE little thing I must say! Trying to get an appointment with the UAB ALS "comprehensive" clinic is like pulling teeth---what a pain in the butt. Do you go to the "one stop shop" at UAB or in Huntsville? Holler at me when you get a chance! Thanks Ruth
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