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  • Hey! Son has pneumonia. Three shots this morning and beginning antibiotic pill regimen tomorrow morning. He was so miserable today- to the point of crying. Poor kid. His last football game of the season is Saturday and I'm not letting him play. Hope y'all are doing alright!
    Hi Ruth,
    How are things going for you? My dad is getting weaker in his arms and hands now. He uses a walker when he's at home but uses a wheelchair everywhere else. He is maintaining his weight even though he is extremely thin. He still is able to eat on his own but it is a slow process. Dad has been staying in Dallas with my sister and her family because they have a ALS clinic there. Our small town in Illinois doesn't have anything like that. Dad is wanting to move back home to Illinois and has a friend who has agreed to move in with him and be his full-time caregiver. There are alot of decisions to be made yet. I naturally want him to move back home but then again I want what is best for him. He was just home for a quick visit this past weekend. He was thrilled to see my kids and even me. lol Take care of yourself. I'm praying for you and your husband.
    Ruth, loved your post. Just hope people leave it at that. You said it so very well. <3
    Hang in there Ruth! We are all here for you. ALS is a new disease for my family. But, I do know what its like to have someone with a terrible disease. My mom battled colon cancer for five years. Had a feeding tube at one point but didn't like it so she made them remove it. She survived a good two years without one. My dad who now has ALS according to two neurologist and is waiting for confirmation from a specialist insists he will never get one.
    Stopping in to say Hello. Jeffro (Jeff Haywood) told me your name on here. I wanted to encourage you and/or your hubby to come to our support group meetings. We are like a big family, well small family. Us caregivers understand each other and the guys/gals (PALS) understand each other. Come join us, if you will!
    Hi Ruthie-Hope everything is going well for you and you had a good thanksgiving! BTW, love your post in the lunatic thread (I think I have ALS!)

    I have been thinking that I am going to start telling the really determined ones that they probably do have it and are definitely going to die soon since that seems to be what they want to hear. Man, the whole thread if full of crazies....
    Actually, we love Dr. Glass, Dr. Khan and the staff. The staff just cannot respond to our needs quick enough and it seems the docs use a standard protocol of drugs to treat the patient and will not deviate. My husband takes 2 controlled drugs so we have to have them mail them each month. What a pain in the ass to get that done. We are going back to his original neuro because he was so compassionate and is closer, too. We are done with the 4 hour cattle prodding at the clinic, as they really have nothing else to offer. My husband is pretty advanced now, so what's the point?
    Hey, Ruth! We are quitting Emory and we will placate the Dermo for now. I've got an appmt with his original neuro that ALS diagnosisd him. He had told us he would prescribe whatever my husband wanted. What's it gonna do kill him? Appointment's on the 21st OCT. How y'all?
    Have fun in PC for me. We usually stay at bikini beach on the strip. Sure wish we were there!!
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