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  • Mark, you should share your question with everyone on the forum, so everyone can benefit from the conversation.

    Gotcha. I think I just need a good talking to and you appear direct and to the point. I understand your rationale and enjoy reading your posts. Sometimes it's easier to talk then type. If you ever change your mind, let me know!
    Mark, you're welcome. As a matter of fact, I prefer not to answer folks outside the forum for two reasons.
    First, it benefits hundreds of others who see the posts.
    Second, it benefits you to have your concerns reviewed by dozens of knowledgeable people who see it on the forum.

    Trust me, even if only one or two people respond to you, there were many people who saw the conversation.
    You just can't get that kind of oversight outside the forum.

    Glad to see you're well. I don't know of anyone with als that came through dihals
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