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    A petition you should be aware of

    I don't know how many of you are familiar with the ENFit connector for tube feeding, (and the behind the scenes maneuvering by GEDSA). I cannot even imagine what some of you must go through trying to screw the darned parts of the ENFIT connectors together. I've never used ENFit, and have a...
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    A new organic formula: Kate Farms

    Hey everyone, I just was contacted by a Kate Farms representative, and she said that just this past week they gained insurance approval for the more calorie dense version, the 1.5. Billing code is included in the updated post on Tube Chic :)
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    A new organic formula: Kate Farms

    In March of this year, a new company (Kate Farms) launched a product that has a billing code for insurance purposes. They have a more calorie dense, 1.5 version that is still pending, but the 1.1 type already has approval. They're also going to introduce a blended food variety later this...
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    A review of the capsule non balloon button

    Hi all, I finally got a short review written (including a couple of photos) for the AMT capsule version of the Mini One button. The capsule type does not have a balloon bolster, and hence a much longer lifespan. It comes in a button style (which I have) and also a dangler version. I have...
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    A new book written by the relative of a PALS

    Hi everyone :) I'm posting this here in the General section, rather than in the PEG related area, because I want everyone to see it. Whether or not you, or your PALS have a tube, or plan to have a tube, I think it will interest you. The woman who wrote this recipe book lost her...
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    Liquid Hope

    Hello everyone, I've been away from the forums a lot recently, and also have not posted as much on Tube Chic, there is just a lot going on for me personally (not bad, just busy). I wanted to make you aware of this latest post, and also let you know that I have another post coming up soon...
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    Taking various types of medications with a peg tube

    Yeah, I like iHerb, I feel they're an ethical company. They also have a good selection.
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    Taking various types of medications with a peg tube

    Oops, meant to also say that the one exception (other than enteric coated pills) to the "if you wait a little while, it will dissolve on its own" method, are those darned gel caps. (vitamins E, A, and fish oil are often in this form) I have had very poor luck with them. I guess one could...
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    Taking various types of medications with a peg tube

    Hi Diane, thanks for providing the link for those wanting to check if their medications can be crushed. As I mentioned in the Tube Chic post, the video supplied was only intended to show an extremely easy way to take medications, i.e. the mechanics of it) not as advice for what medications can...
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    Another type holder for tube meals

    I know a large percentage of those with peg tubes on this forum have the dangler style, instead of a button, but, if you or your loved one does have a button, this "cup holder" has been helpful for me. Taking pills the easy way | Tube Chic
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    Meds through the tube

    Hi Twitcherama, I just posted about this pretty recently on Tube Chic, (I made a little video and everything :) ) here's the link: Taking pills the easy way | Tube Chic
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    Taking various types of medications with a peg tube

    Hi Everyone, I just got a new post up. It has a short video I shot, and some basic information on converting medications and supplements that are in pill form, to being tube ready. This post is not long, but, but there is more information on this subject in the "New to the Tube?" section...
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    New non- balloon peg tube button!

    Hi everyone, I've not been on much lately, and I wanted to share that I got a new low profile peg tube that does not have a balloon. The manufacturer does not state specifically anywhere in their literature (that I can find) how long it is supposed to last, just that it is potentially...
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    I found travel caps that fit the FIFO bottle

    I posted about this bottle on the tips tricks and gadgets forum, but wanted to put a follow up post here. The caps I got for the bottles do fit with zero leakage, so that way no danger of a mess if the bottle gets turned upside down in your bag if you're out and about. Welcome! | Tube Chic |...
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    Look at what I found for gravity feeding!

    I just uploaded a couple more videos to this. (just follow link in the first post in this thread). If you're curious as to how thick Real Food Blends meals are, I show the chicken meal straight out of the package, and how thin it is after adding about 8 ounces of hot water.