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  • Hi Rose! Don't worry about me, I feel fine but everything just takes longer it seems. Bet your Kitty is glad to have a home, foggiest or not!
    Thank you dear Rose! Couldn't resist I guess... :)

    How are you doing? I haven't been here as much lately.
    Had a fall and needed dental work as a result. Threw my neck/back out of whack and had vertigo. Things are getting back to normal. Had my deck and ramp finished. Now I walk the ramp coming and going and don't use the steps on the porch. Just had French doors put in and took out a door wall. Did I tell you my brother's in the construction business? :) i started using my rollator t home because of the vertigo and now use it often at home (i'm home alone during the day). I take a '4-prong' cane whenever i go out in 'public'. I'm doing a little scrap booking (what if the common link for ALS is the creative, artistic gene? :) I started Reiki sessions and LOVE them.

    Please post on the forum if you get featured in an article. Don't be shy! That's always such a lift when we see pALS 'making it happen' in the real world. If you don't post publicly, be sure to let me know so I can read the article (even if you pm me if you don't want the link public).
    Haven't said hi in a long while. Love, love, love your shed! You are so talented! Glad you are still able to enjoy your creative, artistic talents.
    hi rose he did tell me it is neuromuscular problem but not sure what yet. So I am very scared he said it could get worse or stay the same but it won't get better. So I am very scared right now the ivig made things get worse so I just don't know. He is going to have me meet with the ALS doctor next visit. Just scared to leave my kids they are so young.
    I missed your birthday? Happy birthday! I LOVE this dream mask! It doesn't irritate my face at ALL, and I can see with it on! Now, if my machine wouldn't sound like a Mack truck, hene. Thanks again!
    Happy Birthday Rose. May your day be filled with happiness and joy. That, and maybe some wine!
    HI ROSE~~~
    How did you withstand Hurricane Sandy.
    Our generator down here ran for 27 hours. Yikes, I just kept praying it would continue to run with no hiccups. Had to get a refill on the LP gas to run it however.

    I am so enjoying the beautiful "ROSE" avatar. I am such a flower lover.
    Hope all is well.
    Hi rose just wondering if you could tell me more about your breathing troubles? Did you notices
    That your chest would not rise the top of my chest is having a hard time rising
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