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  • Hi roodog,

    My two cents worth would be for you to take the others advice, get on with your daily life (even more enhanced now, knowing the possibilities), and leave the diagnosing up to the specialists.

    It is very frustrating and somewhat unnerving to go along 'not knowing'. But that is part of the process. And, as they said, it doesn't change anything if you do wind up with something bad......you can't change that.

    What you can do is remain positive, and try to be patient.....and realize that you're not going to just fall dead if you do have this. A heart attack will make quicker work of you, so don't push it.

    You can drop in here all you want, the people here are all about supporting each other. But, if I were you, at this point, I'd be doing all the things I had been putting off.....and enjoying them to the max!

    Hang tough,
    Don't be afraid to ask questions or share your concerns...we are a pretty cool bunch and love to help. Kindest regards
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