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  • Roger, I don't think we want to delete your profile. I'll look into it.
    Hi and thank u for the reply.

    I've taken mag and it didn't help... I have been having systems for 2.5 years... But my biggest issue is I feel unsteady on my feet.. No doctor can figure out what is going on, I've been told to just move on.
    How long did u have twitches before u started to get symptoms?

    I recently had a emg and it was clean but the symptoms remain.
    Three EMGs have been clean of ALS. I'm sorry you're suffering from something, but it clearly isn't ALS. My concern is that our readers who DO have ALS might consider your posts to have authority that they do not.
    Olá Rogério, desculpe demorar tanto pra responder. Eu ainda não tenho diagnóstico fechado, só suspeita mesmo. Dia 16/09 estarei indo no hospital Sarah RJ para uma consulta. Como você tem passado? Já fez algum ENMG?
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