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  • I have weaker right leg (when I steep, I fell pain in bottom of my leg), its all hapend in 6 weeks, and I have fast atrophy(and pain) in shoulder.That is it.Also my face is look droped(jaw muscles), I loss weight rapidly!I was in private clinic,not in public clinic.I was a weight lifter,wolleybal player...
    This is to fast for 32 old man.
    Everything look like Als, I have symetrical brisk(not patological reflexes in all of my body).
    Atrophy(to fast),fasciculations...
    Sorry for my English.
    She give to me anxious medics. and tell to me she want to see me for 30 days.
    I fell She know something, but wont tell me.
    But she is ine of best Als spec in Serbia(we have wery god doc.spec).
    Sorry because I bodering you.
    I'm not sure what you mean by "half a foot drop." Could you explain further please. Also, you say you have some atrophy: is that something that was found by your neuro?
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