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  • I also noticed my ALT liver enzyme in single digits which is a sign of the body wasting and feeding on itself. Lastly I noticed maple syrup smell under my left arm when taking or eating anything with the branched chain amino acids luecine, isoluecine and valine. The left side grew weaker first. These amino acids are different from others in that they are synthesized by muscles vs the liver.
    I read your questions and also stumbled on this myself. I am completely convinced that as muscles weaken there is cellular destruction and the voltage gated potassium channel is destroyed with an increase in serum calcium. I could tell the docs within 1-2 tenths what my potassium level was based on how good or bad I felt a couple of years ago. I was given supplements but as my concern over high calcium was ignored, I now have significant calcification s throughout my veins and lymph nodes. It caused my leg bp to increase and I passed out as I walked 7-8 steps often. I checked after many falls and found both ankles at 135/110 with arms always around 112/76. Even my cardiologist told me I had something similar to arteriosclerosis only with calcium plaque build up vs cholesterol plaque and in my veins, not arteries. Hope this helps understand it.
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