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  • Hello I hope things are going well in your world today. Just wanted to drop a line and say HI.
    Amitriptylene keeps me sleeping, and Librium helps me go to sleep. Have used them about 15 years now. Nothing else has worked--I've tried and don't like the newer drugs.
    Oh, just lost a long note! Happy belated birthday! When my normal meds quit keeping me asleep all night, I'll begin with the hospice drugs, and hope for sleep... I use oxygen while napping during the day. I've been thinking about you--have trouble with following through on my intentions, and am glad you wrote...maybe time for some hospice drugs? Love, Ann xoxo
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUU, Happy Birthday to youuuu...Haapppy Birthday Dear Randy...Happy Birthday to you!...{{{{{Birthday HUG}}}}}
    Hi Randy--I've been thinking about you, too. My neckbraces didn't do all I needed--a totally new back and neck...so I'm in bed nearly all the time. Typing is tough, so I post much less. I'm doing fine as far as mood--lots of joy. My daily carers keep me really busy, and worn out. Phil has decided to retire at the end of the year, and we're both really happy about that. Thanks very much for prayers--you have mine, also. Love,
    Randy, my pain has so far always had a reason I could identify and try to fix, so I don't take anything when I have any pain other than a headache, which Tylenol fixes...so far. So sorry you're in pain. I'm just tired and fuzzy due to breathing now, but am content.
    Glad your jaw is better. What an ordeal. I hope your sisters and your brother don't wear you out emotionally. I'm doing well, Randy. I have had pneumonia--a close escape, as a child. I don't fear it at all--I only wanted to be left alone; at least that's all I remember, other than fever dreams. I don't know what you do for aspirating, other than antibiotics. My only fear would be to recover with a bad cough--which I can't do. Take care! Ann xoxo
    Oh, Randy, I'm so sorry about your molar pain and removal. Yes--the bathroom worry, too! Staying home is so good--agree totally. Even at my ALS Clinic there isn't a hoyer (in a hospital!) or a way for me to go to a bathroom. I am glad you've had your walk. I'm going to ask Phil to give the ALSA a plug in my obit...as well as hospice.
    Hi Randy, actually I'm strangely weak today, but it was the RN's day to see me. There is something to be said for being seen during the hard as well as the easy days. She gave me lots of new instruction as a result. I thank God I can still talk, even when it's a whisper.

    And how are you? Did you get some Plackers? There is definitely a learning curve. Hope you are doing well today! Hugs--Ann xoxo
    Randy, I use something called a "Plucker", a throw away floss, very strong. It's hard to do--but I only worry about the bad traps around crowns. And, Phil sets me up and hands me an electric toothbrush ready to go, then a dixie cup; holds up the basin for me as well as my elbow... The next step is for him to do it all. Pluckers are sold at Amazon.
    Randy, the motion sickness as well as your "need" for side supports causes me to wonder if your breathing isn't causing the nausea. That is a possible breathing problem. Side supports are not bearable. Pillows might have been--but since I let it go too far, only bed works. Try a bed pillow on both sides of you, to see if it helps. Place so the long way is vertical, if you do try. Hugs, Ann
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