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  • How many emg's have you had? What is your next step? Brutal how? Do your LIMBS jerk? My thumbs and index fingers are causing me problems
    What about the toes do you get pain in your toes? How about your limbs ( arms,legs) do they have jerks, or do you get full body jerks at times. And thanks for replying, just trying to get the most support and info as we are dealing with this
    Hey, did you have pain in your fingers at the beginning of all this? Like joint pain in your finer extensors, or like never pain radiating up your fingers? Pain in the toes? Do your limbs jerk, arms legs, hands? I have an appointment at Mount Sanai in July. What nuero did you see there?
    My symptoms sound really familiar to yours the twitching cramps shortness of breath and slurred speech have you got any answers or direction to go in?
    Sorry was on vacation. Have tried to stay away but came back on to see if I had messages. How are you doing?
    Are we only allowed to communicate through this forum? I have a lot of questions to ask? Although this forum had been very helpful. But given the fact your in NYC, and have similar issues. I wanted to reach out.
    Been dealing it with it for over a year. It's the worst. My right hand is not letting me type like I used to. I've seen so many doctors - not NYP though.
    I've seen neurologist in NYP Hospital. Just neurologist tho, going for a second emg hopefully by next week? What about you? How long have u been dealing with this? What about your lack of function?
    Hey riggz I have identical symptoms man the slurred speech breathing issues constant throat clearing and hoarseness it really is scary
    What I didn't say on that thread was that my husband was dead within 4 days of that humming starting.
    It is NOT an early symptom, it is a symptom of serious progression and asthma sounds NOTHING like what we are talking about. Hope that clears up again that your anxiety causes you to imagine you have symptoms that you do not.
    When my EMG and NCS came back fine, the doctor gave me Prednisone for the muscle inflammation that he feels was caused by a virus. The pain in my muscles began to start going away within about a week. I can't tell u how happy that made me! Lol

    So ur EMG's were normal? That's great! ��

    Have u taken ANY steroids at all since this started?
    I'm sorry I haven't responded until now...I just now saw ur message! I hate that u r having such a hard time. I know all too well what a dark, scary place this can put u into! At one point I was unable to sleep, barely able to work, and just consumed with the Thot that I had this disease. But there are SO many things that can cause these same symptoms aside from ALS! 😊 Neurology can be so complicated lol

    I personally didn't have any pulmonary issues. I had tons of muscle twitching, cramping, and weakness. Most of my problems started in my hands and arms. I felt like they were clumsy and weak. I went to raise a glass of water to my mouth and felt like it would take two hands to accomplish it. It was hard to blow dry my hair in the mornings bc my arms would fatigue so easily. I had cramps in my left thigh and both calves. Eventually my hands started cramping easily when I used them. My legs felt so heavy! Like it took a lot of effort to walk up and down the halls at work.
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