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  • Hi Gary,
    Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. I will be at working Christmas day at our local hospital. I'm a switchboard operator. We will do most of our celebrating Christmas Eve. I'm so sorry your family is having to go through all of this. You are all in my prayers. Hugs, Kim
    Hi Gary,
    Good to hear from you. I just like to check on you from time to time. You are busy I know so if you can't answer my messages I certainly understand. Glad your kids are doing as well as possible with this. I just want you know that your family are in my prayers. Try to take care of yourself as well. Kim
    Hi ! I saw your light on. How are things going? My dad is in a assistant living facility in Dallas and is adjusting pretty well to it. My brother and sister take him out alot to church, movie, out to eat, and to their kids sporting events. Dad was really happy today because he is a veteran and was notified that they are going to give him quite a bit more money for his health care expenses. The place he is staying is beyond expensive. Are you getting help from anyone at all with your wife. Take care, Kim
    Hi! How are you doing? My dad had to move to Dallas from his hometown here in Illinois. We couldn't find 24/7 qualified care for him here except for a nursing home. So, he lives near my brother/sister in a assistant living type facility. He has his own apartment but with full-time care. They bathe him, transport, and anything else he needs. My brother and sister take him out to eat, to the movies, etc. Take care, Kim
    Just stopped by to say Hi! Hope your family has a Happy Easter. You are all in my prayers. Kim
    Hi ! How are you doing? My dad is doing so-so. He is losing his strength in his arms now. He still can eat on his own but slowly due to not being able to use his hands very well. He just went this week to get a pulmonary function tests and it came out really well. He made his appointment to get his bi-pap adjusted but the doctor said he didn't really need it yet. He still drinks Boost at least once a day. I am currently staying at my dad's due some unfortunate marital issues. I'm desperately praying things work out. Take care and you are in my prayers. Kim
    Hi there. Thanks for the message. I see it says you live in Iowa, I grew up in Iowa as well:). I am not aware of the Dex trial but hope it helps!!
    Thinking of you. My dad is currently back at his home for at least awhile. So, good to see him. Your family is in my prayers. Take care, Kim
    Thinking of you? How are things going? My dad is going to come back home to his house for at least awhile. We have a family friend who agreed to be his full-time caregiver and has moved into dad's home. I haven't seen my dad since Labor day. The longest I have ever went without seeing him. I'm excited about him coming home but kind of scared too. I will see just how much he's gone downhill face to face instead of now when my sub-conscious pretends he's okay. Your family is in my prayers. Love, Kim
    I am so glad that you have your parents to at least help you out a little bit at least. Do you have any other family members or friends that can help you as well? Try to take care of yourself as well the best that you can. You and your family are at the top of my very long prayer list. Sending you a hug for courage and strength. Kim
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