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  • Hi Rick, it's great that you could find a cottage at the lake that had what you need to be comfortable. I am jealous, we have no lakes in Alberta compared to pretty much every other province but I went fishing today at one. Didn't catch anything (casting practice) but it was nice to be out anyway and neither my fishing rod or the fish care that I can't talk! So the summer is good so far, glad that you are back. Barry
    Thanks, Rick. So happy for you guys that you found that place to get away! And I say it's good that there is no internet- you two can focus on each other! Hope the rest of the summer brings good times. My best to Joan- Mare
    Hi Joan and Rick, Looks like you are having a great summer. My brother loved it at the Whiteshell too. We had some friends that have a cabin at Red Rock Lake. He was there almost all the time! They let them borrow it and even had a ramp built! Wonderful friends!but then everyone loved him!
    Great picture of Rick in the hot tub! Sorry to hear about the gazebo! Was everything else ok?
    Hi there, hope that you are not getting too soggy with all the rain! Clouds kept passing by us and heading for you. Sorry! Is strange to live somewhere where they worry about drought and not flooding. They got dumped on in the north and they are all in shock with flooded roads and basements! Hope the summer gets better for you. What have you been doing besides the walks?
    Hello buddy, how are you and Joan doing? I hope that your summer is going well and that those Manitoba mosquitoes are leaving you alone. I am trying to do as little as possible and have a big list of books to read so i am doing OK.
    Hi, Rick & Joan- Just checking in to see how you two are doing? Been thinking about you; wish you well!
    Did you take any pictures at the Wpg. walk? I have only one of our group, on my profile. I'm short fat one with umbrella.(Didn't trust the weather.)Is gorgeous and hot here.(of course after my mom goes home)! Blamed me for the rain. Didn't want to go anywhere or do anything. Hard to have guests like that. Was great seeing family at the walk! That was a 12 hour drive all together. Was hoping for better weather. Maybe next year.
    Thanks, Rick I keep getting calls from friends saying they are coming to the walk and a bunch of them are driving the three hours to Edmonton so I am overwhelmed with the love and support. My team is now at 20 members so I am happy! I'll post some pics later.
    Sorry that you found it so difficult at the house. But it is a good place to go for a break for you. That way you know that capable people are watching Rick. My email is [email protected] Hanging in there with my mom. She's here until Thurs. and it won't stop raining! Take care.
    Saw that you were thinking of trying the Brummit -Fesby house. My brother went there , once for a week for my sister in law to get some rest and for the last 5 days. He said he liked it there and it was a nice place to go.
    Hi Joan, so sorry I didn't see your answer until now! Would of loved to have met you!Could you believe the turn out? We got our doors and trim put in Wed. and Thurs. and left Fri. morning for Wpg. I was the paranoid person wearing the sunglasses and carrying the umbrella! Just had no idea what the weather was going to do! Brought my mother (84) back with us for a visit. 6 hours is a long drive! Longer with the stops to stretch and eat,etc. Think she might take the train next time.
    We used to seasonal camp at Big Whiteshell. You are in a beautiful area! Maybe we will meet next year!
    Hi Rick and Joah,thought you were in Wpg. When did you move out? Was hoping to see you on June 6, but looks like you do another walk.
    Hi Rick and Joan, How are you two doing? Everything is OK here, my speech and swallowing are getting worse but I have a bunch of electronic ways to speak and I have my feeding tube (and a poem too!). I had a very nice conversation with a friend on the phone the other day, she was very patient with my poor typing and weird voice and we talked about a whole bunch of things just like you would normally talk to a friend on the phone. It was a real confidence builder for me.

    I want to thank you for the link to your blog, it's fantastic and I appreciate reading about how you're doing. You have a walk coming up next weekend so I bet you're looking forward to it! I want to say that you two are an inspiration to all of us to get the word out and educate the general public (especially kids) about ALS and how they can help not only us but others who may get this horrible disease in the future.

    Anyway, thinking of you, and Happy Mother's Day Joan!

    Hi Rick and Joan, I was listening to the news tonight about the flooding in Manitoba and I thought of you. I hope that you are staying dry! My parents lived in Winnipeg in the 50s and always talked about being flooded out of their house but I guess the city is safe now with the system in place. BTW I used to be a scuba diver too and we used to go out to BC to dive every year. I still have all my gear for when I get better and can hold my reg in my mouth again!
    I love your blog, I so enjoy your garden, you two show such love, and it is so nice for a couple point of view, it is so valuable and essential to the sucess of the forum.. Thank you guys..
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