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  • Hurray!!! Glad to hear that Rick is doing better. Enjoy St. Paddy's day!(Rick, are you sure your outfit isn't too subtle?)
    Praying for you both; for "...the peace that surpasses all understanding..." Marianne
    I'm still waiting!! When are you getting that stuff to work? We miss you here!
    OH NO!!!! Not you and Barry together! The forum will never be the same! lol Impatiently awaiting your return!
    Hi Rick and Joan, I'm not sure how often you are on the forum but I thought I would say hello. I read your blog on a regular basis and I want to say how happy I am that you two got to celebrate Valentine's Day in such a special way. I am doing OK, no food by mouth, can't talk at all but I am still walking, driving and able to use my hands fairly well so I am happy. Take care, Barry
    Ok Rick, let's see you get that Dasher program working! Missing your wit?!
    Hi Rick, hope that you haven't gotten too cold with the nasty weather out there. I hope that the snow storms pass you by.
    Happy New Years! Was anyone of all th new years babies born first on new years? Looks like you had lots to celebrate!
    Glad to see you are home and feeling better! Have a Merry Christmas and don't party too hard on New Year's Eve.
    So sorry to hear about your latest adventure! You two certainly don't keep a quiet life! I have been to Pinawa hospital too. They are very kind there. Is Rick back home now? Hope that you can get a little rest now.
    Good to see a new pic of Rick. Sorry about his not feeling too well. Tell him to hang in there, spring can't stay away for ever! Then he can get out again. I'm not going out either too cold.
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