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  • Joan, so nice to hear from you! I hope you are doing well, I'm as well as can be expected and have lots of nice women looking after me. Take care
    Joan- don't know if you'll see this, but wanted you to know I'm remembering Rick today & hoping you are finding peace in the good memories you share with him. Hugs, Marianne
    Rick, my friend, I know that we haven't talked much lately but I want you to know how much I will miss you. This disease is so hard on all of us, both those of us that are living with it and also for those of us who love us. I want to thank you for being my friend, I will never forget you. Joan, thank you for caring for Rick and for helping to show us what a special person he was.
    Looked at the als manitoba site at photos. and your blog. Rick ,can't stay away when the cameras are out can you?
    Hi, Rick & Joan! Good luck with the walk tomorrow- have fun! So, the Broda chair is like a recliner on wheels?!? As long as you are comfortable. Love the phrase about equipment- may have to borrow that one! Sending prayers as always- Marianne
    Congratulations, Katie & Tia, on the success of your garage sale! You make everyone proud!
    Joan- As always, you are amazing! You continue to inspire me. Thinking & praying for you both everyday! Marianne
    I'll never give up on you, Rick. Don't give up on yourself! My best to you & Joan. Sending "virtual bug spray"! Marianne
    Rick & Joan, Continue to hold you in my thoughts and prayers. You two remain such an inspiration for me. Joan, I wish I can be half the woman you are! Wishing you peace, Marianne
    Rick, you look great! Must be the color you're wearing- consider yourself kissed! (hope Joan's not the jealous type! LOL) Glad you are feeling better.
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