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  • I have an appointment with neurologist on the 14th of June! Doctors are doctors and pass it off as anxiety! I pass the strength tests they perform. So I'm hoping its due to my injury this weakness as it isn't clinicle weakness! I suppose the timescale is on my side as this has been going on a while. But I am very anxious about the speech thing too! So hopefully this is anxiety
    Hi Rich, I see u saw ur neurologist 11 months ago, I suggest you go back to your doctors and say you want to be referred again to your Neurologist or even phone their secretary direct. Advise them you have a change in your symptoms ie more muscle atrophy and possible weakness.
    With regards to the speech issue is it possible you are just a bit anxious at the moment and its playing on your mind, I know I have in the passed slurred my words worrying about this.

    Did u go to Salford or Wythenshawe to see Neurologist?
    iv been having some very worrying symptoms,

    I have one calf that is clearly 2" bigger than the other, twitching all over my body, my left leg is weaker than my right and feels really week all the time. I did hurt the back of my left knee a while back and still feels sore when I get up and stiff all the time. my left foot feels and is weaker than my right. I am now having slurred speech and am very aware f it. my tongue has a dent towards the front centre of it, no problems with swallowing liquids though. went to see the neuro 11 months ago and he said he didn't think it was anything sinister but the atrophy in my left calf has happened since. soo too has the slurred speech.

    I can still play football though but doesn't feel right and left leg feels as though it will give way. no one has picked up on my slurred speech but I am continually correcting a word halfway through as it has gone wrong. really worried, im 23 years old and am not liking these symptoms at all
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