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  • Richard, I have a question about the device you created. You said:

    Tiring of the need to transfer from my zchair numerous times a day in order to urinate i purchased an 18" x 1 1/2" piece of pvc pipe with an elbow.found in your plumbing dept. It is used for a drain connection.i attached a 6" flanged strainer tailpiece. I can now sit on my zchair and reach the toilet from 18" away eliminating the need for transferring or a catheter.

    So... just what are you wearing while you are using this? Seems like unfastening a belt and unzipping jeans (which is what my husband likes to wear) would be difficult. Sounds like a great idea - I'm just unsure about the logistics. Thanks for your insight! Jo
    Good luck with the trial. The answer has to be somewhere! We are FALS (c9orf72). Hoping that antisense will be our miracle.
    Hi Richard!
    Saw you went to the MGH gathering on Saturday. Wanted to go but could not make it. Any other pearls from there besides weight and cholesterol? Who do you see there? My sister sees Merit Cudkowicz and I have seen James Berry. Love them both! Best wishes Nikki
    Hi Richard, I live in the next town east of you! Welcome to the forum, sorry you find yourself here.
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