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  • Hi Rhuraidh, that's good news!Hopefully you will have something they can treat :) Only myself and my daughter Cheryl 24 live here but it was a nice suggestion from you. I'm living in a private let and desperately trying to get a council house ground floor as I currently have 48 stairs to contend with meaning I'm becoming more trapped in this flat :( lucky if I'm out once a month now!
    Hi Rhuraidh, good to hear from you :) how's things? any further on re diagnosis? I've got a fantastic team, MND Scotland are amazingly supportive along with my consultants at SGH, being well looked after :) hope to hear from you again soon Rhuraidh, love and hugs, Anne xx
    I think that the tests your physicians are ordering are on the right track. Keep your faith in them that they will determine what is happening to you.
    That is one heck of a history and journey for you. I'm still not convinced you have an MND and I don't think your neuro is convinced. You have lower motor neuron problems with weakness and atrophy and your EMG findings indicate it . . . but you have also shown recovery. You have a sign here or there of upper motor neuron problems with your cramps (but cramps can be caused by many things) but your reflexes seem to be ok. What exactly is happening to you is a bit of a mystery. You can certainly have multiple things contributing to the signs and symptoms you're exhibiting (your sciatica is almost undoubtedly part of the problem when it comes to your legs). Bottom line: I'm not sure. What is the next step your neuro wants to take?
    My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I compared your June 2010 results with your Novemeber 2011 results and I see some evidence of you actually healing in one of your muscles and not much change in a couple of others. Given that time span and your lack of progression, that is not the typical story of someone with ALS. I don't really think I would say you have any type of MND, although I don't know your history. Would you be able to share your story with me (signs and symptoms that you have had over the years)?
    Hi Rhuraidh, how's things today? My own diagnosis took a long time as well, It's quite hard to determine! hope you will have an answer soon, preferably not MND though !! Please stay in touch and let me know how you're doing, love and hugs Anne xx
    The forum seems to be a good mixture of patients, carers and medical staff. I'm still getting tests as my case is not clear cut.
    Hi Rhuraidh how are you? i was diagnosed September last year after undergoing lots of tests, It's a hard thing to try and come to terms with but I'm getting there!! I'm so glad i found this forum, everyone has been very supportive :) What stage are u at with you're tests Rhuraidh? Look forward to hearing from you, love and hugs, Anne xx
    Hi Anne, yes I'm from Glasgow. My diagnosis is not clear so I'm waiting to see how things progress at the moment. And you?
    Hi Rhuraidh, how's it going? Another user told me you're from Glasgow, same as myself. Just diagnosed in September last year and don't know anyone else with mnd, hope we can chat soon, love and hugs, Anne xx
    I've requested you as a friend and posted my emg results from 2 sessions. The first 3 photos are from June 17th 10 and the following 4 are from Nov 25th 11. Look forward to hearing from you.
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