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  • Hi All

    I have been on the ALS forum (in the shadows ) for a couple of months searching and reading but never participating.
    I cannot even begin to express how much respect and admiration I have for everyone here.
    When I read some of your problems and compare them to mine I realize right now I should be ashamed of myself if I even think about complaining.
    You all indirectly provide me with motivation , inspiration and first hand advise.( doctors can be good but someone in yours shoes is much better at giving advise.)

    thank you from me and all the other quiet ones that read in the shadows
    Hi rhgus, I see you on the tea party thread, please feel free to join us over there. It's where we talk about everything from dog poop and throwup to what we're doing during the day. In other words, we chat... and chat... and have become very good friends away from our diagnoses.
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