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  • Noticed you stopped by today. Jusrt wanted to say hi and glad to see you. Hope you are doing okay.
    I just saw your post about mucous. I have bulbar onset als and am dealing with the same thing. I cant stand the cough assist. I use biotene. Cheap and OTC. It actually is for dry mouth but I find it tends to break up and thin the mucous in my throat. It gives me relief, albeit temporary.
    If you try it I hope it helps. Good luck.
    Hope everything is going ok. saw your post--pollen def. makes my husband have more cough attacks. You are such a good caregiver--hang in there!

    You're a good researcher! No, I did not read those, but I think I will try to find them now. How are you guys? I'm just popping onto the forum for a moment, but wanted to take time to respond to your message, ♥
    I did fill it out days ago when it was first available. Regarding hospital mattresses I've heard of people getting self adjusting air mattresses and gel mattresses and sheep skin for comfort. Sometimes all three t the same time. The sheep skin inhibits pressure sores. What ever it takes to be comfortable and safe. Bed sores are a common nd painful occurrence for immobile people.
    We got snow last night and will get more in the next few days. We're in serious drought so it's a blessing! Pretty too! I hope you both are comfy cozy! Love and hugs Dear One!
    I'm doing well! I went to PT today and she put me in a standing machine to get the blood going as it should. I'm sitting most of the day and standing felt good! I think I'll do that a few more times! My sis and a friend of ours will be here on Friday. Party time!! If you hear some rumbling from the NW it's just us! :). I hope you're percolating well!! Love and hugs from me to You!
    Hi Ginger,
    Its always good to hear from you. Sorry to hear Tony has a bit of redness. Its probably granulation tissue, its unlikely that its an infection so long after the surgery.

    I have a photo album (on profile page) showing examples distinguishing between infection and granulation tissue.

    Try trimming his tube so its shorter. and that will help it be less irritating. (presuming his is over 10 or so inches long) Make it maybe 8", just clip with scissors and then reattach the port.

    Also. the prescription cream I use has been the best thing ever. I'll still see a little bit of red growth from time to time peeking out of the inside of the stoma, and just one application will usually get rid of it. The name is Kenalog, generic is Triamcinolone. And, I may have a blog entry that talks about it, can't remember... lots of blog entries on homemade tube food though.

    I hope you all had a nice Christmas and new years, and that you're enjoying that grand-baby!
    My Christmas wish for you and your family is to live in Peace Harmony Laughter and Love and know how Beautiful You shine so bright with your Love and Light! I just want you know how much you mean to me ... we have never met in person, but you are known to me and stay in my heart. I feel we have been friends forever ....
    Hi Dear Lady,

    We only were without power for overnight. I'm glad your generator held up! Did you see the news story on chanel 9 the other night (about the PALS on vent without power?)

    I hope you and your sweet husband are enjoying the sunshine today,
    Diane ♥

    (my avatar is a rose that opened up after the storm. I moved the bush down here to Maryland with me when I moved from NJ)
    Aagh, you're killing me here! But it could have been worse. You could have been eating my Maryland Blue Crabs or Soft Crab Sandwiches!!! Those are what I miss the most. 3 of my girls went to my nieces wedding; just on the eastern side of the bridge last month, and my son who lives there now, treated them to crabs. Hope you and hubby are doing well.
    Sending prayers,
    collective strength is what we should pray for!! All of us pals and cals...
    love you much Ginger!
    hello...when you get the neurologist letter send me in a private message your email address
    I still have it. I was going to post to another forum, but will hold off if you are interested. We can negotiate the price, as I would really like to see this technology go to good use for someone. I am new to the forum, so don't know if I can post my email address for you, as I tried in original post and it did not go through. I will check back here later.
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