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  • Well, I should have checked your 'stats' before I sent that first message.....you had already posted your question. I don't have that answer either. I think mspie probably got it right, but from what you described, it doesn't sound good for him.

    I don't think you'll get answer for your question...........from anyone, anywhere (because no one knows!).
    Howdy Recess3,

    I usually check out the new members, just to see if they have left any kind of opening message. Many of them don't for various reasons, I/we understand that here, but it is hard to welcome someone without knowing anything at all about you. Of course, we all know what the common tie is, obviously, and that is very sad.

    However, you will find many good people here, willing to try to help if they can. Give it a try, see what happens. Find a subject (thread), and ask (post) your question, or make your statement.....whatever. We'll listen......and someone will probably have a reply for you.

    Hang tough
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