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  • Hola Jay & Lori!!
    Haven't heard from you guys in a while and was wondering how you were doing. Hanging in there on this end. Keep us posted on things.
    Take care.
    Love and hugs!
    hi ratman55 i hope you both are doing ok i was wondering if you read my pm to you yet well take care
    How are you two? I had three wonderful days in Cape May! I've had a few tough days, but I recovered. Feeling like this leg is not helping me at all. I'm so limited because of this cast...How's your schedule going? I hope you're getting used to the new "toys". I'll see you when I get back. I'll be able to give you a few pointers to help with traveling! Hope all is well!! Teresa
    hi fatman55 just checking in to see how your doing all is ok here today for me godbless jeff
    Scott just turned 51 at midnight!! Still up lurking. Long day today! I may have to stay in tomorrow? We'll have to wait and see? This is quite an ordeal for us Ohio people. I hope Allison is having Fun. It's difficult to tell with a 16 year old. :)
    The weather is great here. Traveling takes a little longer with me along. Saw the Liberty Bell & Independence Hall. How are you doing? Is your schedule getting better? Jay, I'm hoping to visit you soon after I get back. Be Tough!! Love, Teresa
    Hi, how is you new feeding tube friend treating you? Mine still is giving me problems..darn it....I need to know where to go to find that poem you sent from the Indians? I really love it and want it read at my funeral from me to friends and family....thanks for sharing it. Linda
    hello....how are you two doing?? Listening to WAR OF THE WORLDS stage play on PBS and lurking. Feeling very old and lonely tonight. Everyone else busy, busy today.....ugh!!
    hi ratman 55,anything new out there on your researching.im still at it looking and trying to figure this out to some it might be a waste of time but for be it kills time lol hope all is well jeff
    Hi, Jay & Lori! Reading that you always said "forever & a day" brought back sweet memories for me.
    In our "courting days", I would sign my letters to Jim with "forever & a day". Hadn't gotten to the "I love you" part yet! LOL Enjoy your holiday weekend! Marianne
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