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  • My ex-husband was diagnosed with Progressive Bulbar Palsy. Because of his diagnosis, I knew that he could not live alone, so he lives with me and I am his caretaker. The symptoms began with slurred speech, then we noticed that his tongue was shortened (could not put it out any further than his bottom teeth). He has progressed to the inability to chew. He eats regular food that he pulverizes with a hand blender. At one point, his eyes crossed and he had double vision. That changed, his eyes went back to their normal position, but the left eye (which is the side that is affected) became "paralyzed" and he could not raise his eyelid. He has some excessive saliva and he keeps a napkin with him. It does not seem as though his limbs have been affected nor his mind or other bodily functions. He was diagnosed in the fall of 1999, I believe.
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