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  • Heyy, I am in the same boat as you are. No pain, numbness, tingling, or clawing, but I have severe twitching in my hand muscles and arm, and then developed clinical weakness. But according to EMG - cubital tunnel. Motor only, sensory NCS was fine. And denervation on the needle part. Was your sensory NCS affected? Did you have denervation as well?
    Hey I posted my emg results. I have just weakness in my pinky and sore muscle near my elbow in my forearm. Only have tingling and numbness upon waking some mornings
    Hi Railroad.
    could you explain the muscle aches.
    mine are worse when I wake up...stiff limbs and then they ache all day...dull.
    The skin feels sore to touch sometimes like a skin burn especially on the arms.
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