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    I guess my message was too long and has been cut off.I have weakness in my legs especially left leg,fasciculations over my entire body,brisk reflexes in hands and legs.I have done two emgs.One found chronic denervation in my left leg and carpal neuropaty in both legs but no fibs and psw .Buy i have clinically fasciculations.Also found low recruitment and decreased ip in left leg.I would reale appreciate yout answers.I am scare to death.Slso my muscle hurt when I am walking.
    She told me that the recruitment was proportional with the contraction.She said that the emg was normal.I was not forced to do a strong contraction on my left foot like in the first emg, maybe this is the reason of less polyphasics.The emg was just on the left foot.In neither ems tha paraspinals,tongue has not been tested.My level of anxiety is very high.Also beside wrakness I have pain in my muscles when I walking or sleep.I would appreciate any input from you guys.I live in Romania and here are not als spevialized neuros.
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