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  • Hi Rachel, Not many people will see your post here, unless they visit your page. To respond to me click on my name in blue, and write on my page. SSDI has a 5 month waiting period after he stops working. Sucks, but no way around it. His son will get SSDI till he is 18, or finishes high school. It would be about of the amount your husband gets. I believe you can go to the Soc Sec web site, and find out how much disability he will get. If he has a physically demanding job, he should quit work yesterday. He can do serious damage to his muscles, and will have a lot pain because of it, as my husband has. Good Luck!!! Lori
    Hi. I am Rachel and new to this site. My partner, Erik had a 2nd and 3rd opinion of his diagnose's and confirmed he has ALS. His last diagnoses was 12/3/10. He is 58 and has a foot and leg brace on his right leg. He is tired often and realizing that walking up and down stairs is getting much worse. He is on Rilutek and it seems to slow his fasciculations sometimes, but we are sure. We are having trouble getting good answers about once he goes onto social security, how will his child support for a 17 year old son be paid, and/or will his son be able to receive social security and how does it all work? Here in Hawaii on the Big Island, the only SS office is 3+ hours away. Would AARP be able to help us get answers? We are members. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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